Fundamentally, the reality we live in is a collection of numbers and values. Certain patterns can be seen all around us that repeat and coincide with certain developments. By studying these patterns and applying the scientific method, we can use the innate power of numbers to our advantage and better understand the world around us.

In vedic numerology, the number eight is a very strong number. It gives off energies of:


Eight is a very driven, goal oriented number. If you follow a life path of eight, you will find yourself always ready to take action in order to fulfill your goals. Others will find you very trustworthy and reliable as your confidence will be clearly visible. Eight will be very successful in making a name for themselves and are very suitable for business. However, they may struggle dealing with greed and may practice too much caution to the point where opportunities are missed. Eight’s desire for control makes it so that they struggle with very rebellious, independent partners. Life paths two and six are very compatible with eight.

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