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Weekly Horoscope

March 19 - March 25


This is a time calling for great effort on your part and great courage. Opportunities will not openly reveal themselves to you but if you overcome your fear and proceed forward you will find many are waiting for you. Now, you must force them out and seize them. Trust in yourself and your abilities.


You are feeling encouraged to tackle issues head-on this week and take a firm and blunt approach. But when dealing with those with authority, it may be helpful to bite your tongue. Be empathetic and take the time to listen to all concerns. Sometimes leaders are also struggling and need support from those around them.


Your intellect isn't being used to its fullest potential and this is contributing to your boredom. Use your creativity to bring smiles to the faces of those around you. You have always had a wonderful imagination and it can be used to produce and spread goodness. Keep your intentions pure and you will see things begin to turn in your favor.


You worry about those you care for and so much so that you take on a very firm and blunt approach when providing advice. Offer the people you love your support, but try not to force your will onto them. You must allow them to learn the intricacies of life at their own pace. Take this time to remind yourself of those that supported you.


You have been thinking with your heart lately instead of your head. Don't let your pride get in the way of things and do not make decisions based on temporary emotions. You have a tendency to be stubborn in situations of the heart and if you feel hurt you tend to lash out. Be more practical in your approach and work towards finding a resolution rather than fixating on the problem.


When making a decision, it is important not to act on impulse or fleeting emotion. The choices you make now will be critical to shape your future and those attached to you. Call upon the wisdom of those around you and seek out opinions that differ from your own. Even if you receive unwanted opinions, take all knowledge into consideration and make a sound and stable decision.


Your intentions have been too focused on your own benefit so much so that you may have forgotten those who care and support you. People you care about will come to you for advice and help. When guiding them, ensure that you speak in their best interest and not how the situation would make you feel and how you would want to win it. Remember that everyone has a unique opportunity or struggle and they have ambitions and dreams just like you.


Great change demands great flexibility. You will be forced to bend in ways that you are not used to and make concessions you would have never made before. Embrace the challenge, keeping your own development in mind and don't let pride hinder you.


There are many areas in your life that are just waiting to be improved and you have been less active in facilitating this change. Now is the time to focus on the positive things and think of how to cultivate them into something greater. In doing so, you will see the negative energy in your life slowly begin to waver. Wonderful things are ahead and you need to have a little faith and a little motivation.


You will be faced with judgement coming from all directions. It is time to show your true self to those around you and stand firm to your beliefs. Their judgements should not waiver your resolve or principles and your strength will only propel you to greater heights. Do not worry about the opinions of others and carry on with confidence.


Those around you could use a reminder of your care and love. It is time to stop fearing your emotions and start putting your whole heart into expressing what you feel to the people around you. You are afraid of being hurt or abandoned but this is not always going to be the case. Shutting yourself off will only isolate you more and make you lonelier.


Outside factors may slowly begin to overwhelm you and you might resort to destructive tendencies. You must make key decisions in picking out what is a positive and negative influence and then permanently add and remove these influences in your life. It will be very difficult to detach yourself from the negative influences, but now is the optimal time to do so, in order to ensure you are surrounded by positivity. Recognize those who truly love you, cherish them, and do not take them for granted.