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Weekly Horoscope

January 13 - January 19


When a large opportunity comes knocking, don't let fear of failure make you turn it down. You have been blessed with a wonderful chance to make a dream a reality. The hard work you put in now will only result in great achievement and success. Although the stakes are higher the payout is higher too so go forth and conquer!


You have failed someone recently in your personal relationships. Although it is impossible to turn back time there is still a chance to correct course. Don't let ego and pride get in the way of your happiness and success. Recognize that the people who share a bitter truth to you are more invested in your success than those who support your complacency.


Sometimes your struggles will feel never-ending and you encounter obstacle after obstacle. The universe is preparing you for something great and in order to reach it you have to experience the challenges. You are on a wonderful journey and the ups and downs will create great memories for you. Keep your spirits up and stay positive with your thoughts and ambitions.


You might have recently experienced a painful rejection. Don't worry because the rejection was actually a blessing in disguise. The universe is always looking out for your best interests. Trust your intuition and the advice of those closest to you.


There might be some financial worries on your mind recently. Do not lose hope or excitement towards goals because those worries will soon be gone. Look for hidden opportunities amongst the people and connections around you. There will be wonderful surprises in store if you take the time to stay positive and look around.


You are meticulous and organized when it comes to things that interest you greatly. You can also be selfish sometimes and refuse to follow your dedicated approach towards others if it doesn't involve benefits for yourself. This week take time to do good deeds and help friends and family out. Your kindness will be appreciated and you will be helping someone more than you realize.


It is very easy for your loyalty to turn blind and your dedication to overshadow your logic. Staying devoted to those you love doesn't mean you can't oppose certain ideals or actions. You have a voice of reason and practicality that benefits those around you. Speak up this week and do not be afraid to have an opposing opinion. You will find you have more support than you expected.


Have you spoken to family recently or reached out to your closest friends. This week will be a good week to check in on those you love most and make sure they are doing ok. Your determination and assertiveness can help someone in great need. As a strong and powerful voice you can use your words to spread more good.


In matters of love you have often been cold and apathetic when you are distracted by the other wonders of life. Take time this week to make an effort to reach out and reconnect. Everyone knows you are loyal and honorable in your thoughts and intentions. Sometimes though, you need to assure the ones around you that you still care.


Someone close to you just went through a drastic life change. As the voice of comfort and reason they will turn to you for reassurance and advice. Provide the necessary support they need but make sure it is not at the expense of your own mental and physical energy. It is ok to take a break sometimes and not offer up more than you can handle.


You easily get influenced by those who manage to get close to you unexpectedly. Usually you are reserved and hard to relate to but once someone breaks that barrier they gain your loyalty and devotion. Making new relationships doesn't require losing your long standing principles and opinions. You can adopt new ideologies but make sure they are really something you believe in.


This year the venture you have been working towards for many years will finally take off. You are about to experience the fruits of your labor and constant persistence for success. The new partners you will meet along the way will be the catalyst to help propel you forward. Have faith in yourself and your abilities because you will achieve your goals this time.