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Weekly Horoscope

April 7 - April 13


Delays in communications with loved ones this week could be frustrating. Do not spend time worrying. It is not by fault of your loved ones - these delays are due to unforeseen circumstances. Everything will work out so hang in there.


There are situations where you are feeling unheard and misunderstood. Have a talk with someone you trust to validate your feelings and talk through it. Hear their advice to plan for the upcoming weeks. Be aware of mixed messaging from several friends though.


Explore the spiritual subjects that have peaked your interest this week. You may encounter several people to discuss these topics. Keep an open mind and hear all different opinions. Remember to take notes because you will want to remember these in the future.


Money worries have been clouding your mind space lately. Don't panic yet. Spend time this week to review all your payments. Map out your next few months to set yourself up for success.


Stick with your intuition this week. You will have a few unexpected communications that will be a delightful surprise. Don't keep your guard up this week. Welcome new ideas and experiences that you are typically nervous about.


Your work requires a lot of imagination this week. Do in-depth research to be very thorough. This may require more energy and concentration than expected. Be sure to take breaks to give yourself rest and fuel.


Work has been slow lately but do not panic. Make sure you focus on the task and do not get distracted. You tend to focus on the past during down time. Instead, focus on the future and what lies ahead.


You have been having internal struggles with your career this week. Take a step back and observe the bigger picture. Do not make any rash decisions. Find friends that you confide in and make sure you have a decision that is best for your future.


You are expecting important communications this week, but they may not come. Do not be anxious - it will make you crazy with frustration. Find something else to do while you're waiting to help the time pass more quickly. Even though you wish it were sooner, the primary issue will be resolved eventually.


There will be obstructions this week that may frustrate you. Take a deep breath and do not let this affect your entire mood. Focus on the positive things. Know that this will pass - do not make yourself crazy.


Your intuition will steer you the right way this week. Writing and public speaking will be a big part of this week. You will have the opportunity to capture the interest of a lot of people. Positive career changes will be in the near future!


A long-anticipated visit from an old friend will happen soon. Although it is long awaited, it will be good for your future relationship. Spend time focusing on the roots of your friendship. Reach out to friends you have not spoken to recently to rekindle your friendship.