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Weekly Horoscope

July 21 - July 27


Make an effort to spend time with your family and friends this week. Someone you love has been struggling with some obstacles and suffering in silence. Your presence and attention might encourage them to confide in you. You will be able to provide more than just help this week. You will be a source of inspiration and strength.


Was there a promise you made years ago that now calls to be fulfilled? Make sure you are keeping your word and fulfilling what you committed to do. Backing out on a deal might leave you in a worse and unlucky situation. Trust your instincts from when you first made the promise, they led you here for a reason.


This week is about closure and you will find yourself finally at peace with a situation that has always felt unresolved. The past months were about personal growth and with that growth came the necessary closure needed to move on from the past. Look towards the future now as the universe is working to fulfill your new dreams. Burdens from your past will soon start to lift.


You will be offered a great opportunity this week but you might hesitate to take it because you believe you won't be able to enjoy the life you have become accustomed to. Are you truly happy with your current routine or are you resisting change because you do not want to work towards a new goal after finally achieving your last one. Life is about constant growth and saying no to new opportunities might make you miss out on a great journey.


Next week will be full of happy surprises and you will find yourself showered with love and affection. Sometimes you struggle with expressing your emotions so be careful that your reaction or lack thereof doesn't give off the wrong message. Enjoy the moment and try to be more vulnerable with your feelings. There is great happiness to be achieved when we share our joy.


Try not to let others dictate the paths you take in life. You know what you want and you have always found a way to get it. Your methods can be unconventional at times and they don't need to be understood by everyone. Have faith in your abilities and persevere forward, others will soon see your abilities.


You will get the opportunity to start fresh with a complicated situation this week. Recently you took on a burden that wasn't yours to bear and now you will find a way to reset the predicament. Make sure to make the most of this second chance and learn from your mistakes so as to not repeat them. This time around think about what is in your best interest and what will make you truly happy.


A past decision is now starting to reveal unanticipated consequences. You might be feeling lost this week and someone who you used to be able to turn to for advice is no longer in your contact. Pride can blind the best of us but if we truly reflect on our mistakes and seek forgiveness there is always a chance to improve our situation. Reach out to someone you lost in the past as they might be able to help you towards a better future.


You will be blessed with great communication and conversation this week. Everything you say or do will be met with great admiration and enthusiasm. You will have the ability to convince and persuade and this will result in great long term benefits. Remember to show appreciation to the universe and the blessings will continue.


There is a relative or friend you have lost touch with due to a misunderstanding or disagreement. This week is a great week for reconciliation and letting bygones be bygones. Your kind and forgiving heart will find peace with the situation and a new and stronger relationship will follow. Sometimes you have to make the first move but will find the other party was just as eager to resolve matters.


Do not let temporary setbacks stop you from pushing towards your dreams and goals. There is no such thing as a smooth life path and the obstacles we face only make us appreciate our victories that much more. You might have experienced some recent difficulties that made you feel frustrated or hopeless. These were learning opportunities so make sure you were paying attention.


You are going to experience a change in your personal beliefs this week. Principles you once followed will begin to seem outdated and new ones will soon replace them. This change might shock those around you but soon they will adjust to the new you. This will be a week of growth and new and exciting adventures are ahead.