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Weekly Horoscope

July 14 - July 20


You will be tempted to act hot-headed this week. Do not go into situations without first gathering your bearings. Unexpected emotional flares have the risk of damaging your personal relationships.


You can be a source of strength and comfort to those close to you. Reach out to your loved ones and make sure to show your support. You will be greatly appreciated and admired by those around you.


The time has come to take risks you have been to worried to take. Make sure to do research and gain as much knowledge before taking action. Have confidence in your judgement and decisions.


There might be some misunderstandings between your family or friends. Act as a mediator this week and you will be able to keep peace. You have the gift of spreading calmness and joy to those you love, so use it.


Luck is on your side this week. The decisions you make will result in fruitful outcomes. You are going to succeed at many endeavors you have been wanting to pursue.


Your hard work and dedication will pay off soon. You have always been careful and detailed in all that you do. Keep working towards your goals and victory will be yours.


There are major life changes coming your way this month. Keep your home and work space clean and tidy. Clarity in your living space with bring clarity of mind.


Be careful of losing your temper easily this week. Practice patience and listening rather than talking and aggression. You are intelligent and clever but try to be wise and observant this week.


You have faced some obstacles these past couple of months. This month you will overcome and persevere through those obstacles. Success and victory are yours for the taking.


If you have any health related concerns, this is the week to have them checked. A healthy body will lead to a healthy and happy mind. Take care of yourself this week and take time to rest.


Sometimes your silence can be misunderstood as indifference. Try to be more communicative of your feelings and opinions. You have much value to contribute when you participate.


There is great wealth in knowledge. Do your best to seek out new information and try new feats. You have good luck when it comes to gaining mentors and help this week.