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Weekly Horoscope

January 29 - February 4


Your sense of intellect and stability may be challenged by a sense of imagination and intuition. Embrace the new perspective and seek out those of others. Creativity can lead you through new paths and realizations. There is much to learn, and leveraging the work and experience of those willing to share is the fastest way.


Spontaneity will do great things for you this week. Breaking free from your pattern will serve to give you new inspiration to tackle your problems in ways you haven't thought about. Embrace the idea of discomfort and experience as much as you can.


Are you still trying to reform the world? Build alliances, channel your energies constructively, and use your infectious enthusiasm to afflict others. You have incredible motivation and incredible power to influence those around you. Nothing can stop you now.


You will find yourself often thinking back to the past. One of the most prevalent thoughts you may have this week is “what if?” It is incredibly easy for your mind to start wandering off and thinking of all the scenarios that would lead to a more desirable outcome. Start using that same thought, “what if?,” when thinking of what you can change in your future.


You will make progress in your journey for self-discovery. You will gain mental clarity and put the pieces together in a logical and structured manner. The time has come for change; change that will transform your life. Find your sense of worth and rejoice.


Enjoy the benefits of an organized and structured approach to life. You will notice a clear improvement in communications. Complex problems will slowly unfold into more manageable situations. The universe is on your side. Now is the time to take those chances.


You will feel yourself running out of patience fairly quickly. To reduce the tension you feel, try paying attention to things that you usually do not make note of. Sometimes, you are so blinded by the future that you forget about the present. Observe the nuance of everyday occurrences and find amusement in details you may not have seen before.


Take time this week to focus on your physical health and on recuperating from any recent illness or injuries. You have much to experience this year and being healthy will contribute to the happiness in store. This is the time to strengthen your body as physical strength will help you feel more confident when making decisions and dealing with stressful situations. Take time to relax in between busy schedules and focus on exercising.


You will find yourself manifesting stress from situations that do not require it. It's difficult to keep your cool all the time, but taking moments to step outside and put your mind away from the daily chaos will benefit you greatly. When you feel yourself about to lash out, use your inner strength to hold it back and take a deep breath. You will find yourself capable of much more elegant solutions than you thought possible.


You might have gotten carried away under the influence of new acquaintances and friends. It is not necessary to blindly follow along ideals and opinions of others just to get along. Compatibility can also stem from differences in thinking and principles. Use your diverse surroundings to educate and expose yourself to new ideas and experiences.


Patience and trust is the key. You have always relied on yourself and been self-sufficient. Allow someone else to do the driving sometimes. You may be pleasantly surprised by the destination.


Your quest for improvement will lead you to new realizations. Your die-hard optimism will help you succeed. Only you know if your conscience is clear and if it is your path will only excel you. Optimism works in favor of those who have earned trust and good karma.