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Weekly Horoscope

February 25 - March 2


You will get the opportunity to start fresh with a complicated situation this week. Recently you took on a challenge and now you will find a way to reset the predicament. Make sure to make the most of this second chance and learn from your mistakes so as to not repeat them. This time around think about what is in your best interest and what will make you truly happy.


Do not let temporary setbacks stop you from pushing towards your dreams and goals. There is no such thing as a smooth journey and the obstacles we face only make us appreciate our victories that much more. You might have experienced some recent difficulties that made you feel frustrated or hopeless. These were learning opportunities so make sure you were paying attention.


You are coming close to an event that you have been looking forward to for a while. However, be sure to keep a watchful eye on the present. It is easy to get lost in things to come and become blind to our immediate surroundings. You will find that there is opportunity to make great positive change in your life and in the lives of those around you.


You will feel your ego empowered this week. Your motivation and drive will both be greatly enhanced. However, you may find yourself feeling more confrontational and combative. Ensure you keep a level head when interacting with others and you will find yourself extremely satisfied with how the week went.


You are going to experience a change in your personal beliefs this week. Principles you once followed will begin to seem outdated and new ones will soon replace them. This change might shock those around you but soon they will adjust to the new you. This will be a week of growth and new and exciting adventures are ahead.


You will feel a strong sense to give back this week. Your strong sense of empathy will lead you to greatly enhance the lives of those less fortunate than yourself. While your intentions are not selfish, you will still end up gaining from this. You will feel your spirit and overall mood enhanced.


Keeping true to yourself has always been one of your strengths. However, you may find yourself tested in a situation where you can gain by going against your inner values. In this conflict, it is crucial to look at the problem while taking the bigger picture into account. Assess your goals in life and be positive that you are taking the best steps to get there. You can always count on those around you for help.


You will be blessed with great communication skills this week. The things you say will be met with great admiration and enthusiasm. You will have the ability to convince and persuade and this will result in great long term benefits. Remember to show appreciation to the universe and the blessings will continue.


Next week will be full of happy surprises and you will find yourself showered with love and affection. Sometimes you struggle with expressing your emotions so be careful that your reaction or lack thereof doesn't give off the wrong message. Shift your focus to the moment rather than to yourself. Enjoy the moment and try to be less defensive with your feelings.


Try not to let others dictate the paths you take in life. You know what you want and you have always found a way to get it. Your methods can be unconventional at times and they don't need to be understood by everyone. Have faith in your abilities and persevere forward, others will soon see what you really have to offer.


Someone special has entered your life recently but you might be too busy or preoccupied to realize this. Take time to stop and truly evaluate the situation around you. Life will always continue moving but if you don't take time to just observe and absorb, you might miss great opportunities. Something you have desired for a long time might be right in front of you now.


There is a chance for you to have a heated argument with someone you love deeply. Recently, you might feel like nothing you do or say is helping you get along with this person. In order to explore what the root of discord might be, you have to be willing to reflect upon your own emotions. Is this person truly the root of your anger, or is something else causing you to misplace this feeling onto them?