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Weekly Horoscope

May 19 - May 25


This week will be all about how well you can manage your pride. Any attempt to show your greatness will be met with great displeasure from those around you. Try to act in ways you know will benefit you in the end, regardless of how it makes you look. Allowing others to see your imperfections will end up gaining you more respect than you would expect.


You may feel yourself beginning to block out things that bother you. It is crucial this week that you face these things head on and deal with them. Any conflict that is ignored will grow and return even stronger. Before meditating on these issues, take time to wind down with a simple, mindless activity.


You will have money on your mind this week. When making decisions based on finances, it is important to keep emotional embers from influencing you. Before acting, take about a minute to breathe and focus on something unrelated to the matter at hand. Trust your gut as people may try to steer you in the wrong direction.


You will have to make decisions that will make you choose between different loved ones. In situations like these, it is hard to come out without having someone be upset with you. Your best option will be to make your circumstance clear to all parties and find a middle ground, even if the result will be that they are all upset at the moment. This frustration is momentary and will subside swiftly with proper communication.


You will need to figure out how to balance your responsibilities with pleasure. Too much of either will serve to hinder you in achieving your goals. Actually planning your days instead of taking them on the fly will be incredibly beneficial. With the right balance, you will be able to seize opportunities that come your way.


You will feel the need to take rest. Letting this feeling accumulate can lead up to one big crash which will disrupt the flow for the rest of your responsibilities. Instead, give yourself small, planned breaks throughout the day to let your mind recharge. A large burst of energy will be coming your way soon.


Look to acquire new skills this week. You are already great at doing what you know, but broadening your skillset will serve to bring out unexpected enjoyment from life. Seeking out everything that this life has to offer is critical in nurturing a sense of fulfillment. If you need inspiration, try finding interest in something a loved one likes that you never gave a chance before.


Remind yourself that public perception of you will have minimal effects on your life and goals. You are able to accomplish things with your own strength. If you are working towards something you care about, don't let fear or self-consciousness get the better of you. Your goals should be at the forefront of your mind.


Stress of things to come will start to take a toll on you. Take the time to assure yourself that you will be prepared for whatever the future holds. Also, ensure that this anticipation does not hinder your ability to deal with the problems of the present. The things you are dreading will turn out to go much more smoothly than you thought.


Show more attention to the people in your life you may have been ignoring. The greatest difficulty will be overcoming the hurdle of reaching out first. They will appreciate you greatly and you will see your overall mood begin to lift. These relationships will also serve to bring you positive energies in the future when you need them most.


Try to find your groove again. You may feel like you've begun to lose focus slowly. Put in a conscious effort to motivate yourself. When you find that you're back in a rhythm, you will notice that your senses will be sharper than before.


You will have the motivation to tackle your problems head on this week. Your motivation will also serve to inspire those around you. If you end up biting off more than you can chew, those around you will be there to help. You will truly feel the harmony of the support system you have built up.