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Weekly Horoscope

May 28 - June 3


You might be feeling distracted this week by the numerous thoughts that are running through your mind. Take time to address the source of your stress and deal with each situation one by one. Seek advice from those who might have experience in making the same decisions and apply that knowledge to your own situation. You will be able to address everything that is bothering you if you take a methodological and patient approach.


Taurus It has been difficult watching someone you love struggle with a problem that only they could resolve. You have wanted to help them for some time but this was a battle they had to fight themselves. This week you will see them coming out of this struggle successful and happy. Celebrate with them and show your support by standing by their side like you did all this time.


You might be tempted to take on more than you can handle this week. You feel motivated and excited and this could lead to you saying yes to a lot of proposals and situations. You must make sure to carefully select where to invest your time and newfound energy so that you achieve the best results. Do not spread yourself too thin in the beginning and you will be able to accomplish much.


You always look for the logical explanation to things because that makes it easier to cope with your decisions. Sometimes there is no explanation for why you felt a certain way or why you decided to take a certain step. Sometimes you have to follow your intuition and just trust that you know what is good for you. Don't let the search for reason overshadow your instinct and intuition.


Try to be more objective when judging a situation that has asked you to give your input. You might hold others to a higher standard because of how you would handle a problem yourself. It is important to understand that not everyone is like you and so their approach is always going to be different from yours. Handle the situation with fairness and detachment from your own habits and discipline.


You will surprise yourself with a newfound motivation for education and learning. People in your network have been receptive to this and are encouraging you to pursue this path of knowledge. Although this was not what you had expected for yourself, listen to the energy of the universe and explore the road ahead. You might find an unexpected reward when you come through the other side of this journey.


If you are feeling bored or uninspired then this is a good week to explore a new hobby to take on. There are always new things to learn and new activities to try. It might be more enjoyable if you bring a friend or family member along for the ride. Look forward to finding a new passion and activity that will unlock new possibilities.


A heavy burden might have recently lifted from your shoulders. You are feeling free and much more comfortable with the situation you are in. Take this week to reflect on your journey and try and explore what you have learned along the way. The success of overcoming this challenge will leave you with incredible knowledge.


You have been trying to mediate a situation where a loved one is being unfairly treated and attacked by an outside party. While they look to you for strength and leadership, only you know how much anger, anxiety and exhaustion you are feeling. You are trying to shield your loved one from additional anguish while silently struggling with your own mental peace. Find comfort in knowing that the universe is on your side and you will succeed in resolving the situation successfully.


You have been receiving a lot of attention lately and you have been thriving in it. You love being in the center and this week will be no different from the last. Be careful of those who might be using your happiness and excitement to their advantage. You are always surrounded by admirers but sometimes there are those who like to take advantage of your good and playful nature.


You have been questioning your ability to judge people correctly. Something might have occurred recently to make you doubt the intentions of those around you. Take some time to think about what has been bothering you and why you might be inclined to feel this way. You may not come up with an answer right away but you'll have more clarity in the next few weeks.


People you once looked up to might have greatly disappointed you recently. This may lead to you feeling insecure about your qualities and personality. Remember to believe in yourself and have confidence and that others' shortcomings are not a reflection of your character. Move forward and leave those people behind, you have much to achieve and are forging your legacy into a much more powerful state.