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Weekly Horoscope

November 26 - December 2


Drop the temperament and work with your originality and inventiveness. Find the right balance between action and imagination. There are many distractions that will try to steer you off path. Stick to the plan and keep focused. Be sure to channel your energy effectively.


Use your sense of practicality at home and at work to find the right solutions. Don't lose your ambitious energy because of a few obstacles. Challenges can easily distract and discourage us sometimes. Stay focused, you will achieve your goals. Much remains to be done.


It is good to pay attention to detail, but avoid the fine line that could cross you over to being overly critical. Noone is perfect, and perfection is overrated anyways. True beauty is in the differences and flaws. Remember to appreciate all that surrounds you and shapes you.


Self-care is as important as caring for others. You have always been kind and understanding of others but make sure to be kind and understanding to yourself as well. Be mindful of pessimistic tendencies and don't be overly suspicious of every new person you meet. Embrace change and new connections.


Nothing seems impossible this week and you have a strong sense of confidence and conviction. You know where you want to go and you know how to get there. Have faith in your journey and trust your direction. Focus and dedication are waiting to drive you.


Your warm and generous personality is sometimes overshadowed by what others perceive as arrogance and domination. You have always been a caretaker so you exert control in all things. This week might hold many misunderstandings against you. Try to show your flexible side.


Your own wounds will provide you with the power to heal others. You will be able to influence those around you to tone down their aggression. Sometimes the ones with the best excuse to be angry can become the ones to encourage forgiveness. Use your abilities to bring peace to the world around you.


Let your imagination loose, and charge ahead to reconnect with your dreams. Recently you put important goals of yours on hold. The time has come to bring those goals back into the forefront. Go after them, the time is right to make them come true. It's never too late.


Your sense of justice will prevail, but beware being overcome by emotions. There is a lot going on around you that you wish to change. Keep calm in disorganized environments and situations. Shining in difficult scenarios will make you stand out much more than shining when it is easy to.


Life-changing opportunities are knocking. Open the door. Make the changes that will bring new meaning and new perspectives. You have been holding on to old principles that no longer benefit you. It is good to be comfortable, but it is great to be dynamic.


You are a source of inspiration for others. You have a natural knack for simplifying complex issues. Apply your talents to build long and lasting friendships. For those whom stability matters, you will be a grounding force.


Your energy is contagious. This is the time to pay attention to your passion and go for it. But also be cognizant and appreciative of those around you helping you along. No-one can stop you from achieving your goal.