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Weekly Horoscope

September 16 - September 22


You will begin to feel that the world is conspiring against you. It is important that in this time, you stay humble and accept any lesson the universe is trying to teach you. On the other hand, you must also be ready to face any obstacles with the best of your ability.


You will have the motivation to tackle your problems head on this week. Your motivation will also serve to inspire those around you. If you end up biting off more than you can chew, those around you will be there to help.


This is a week to humble yourself. Your many great qualities will be enhanced immensely. Others will begin to take notice and show you more kindness.


You may begin to feel very passionate this week. Whether it is towards a task or a person, be sure to not let it get the best of you. Passion paired with practicality is a match made for success.


You will need to make compromise this week. It is very likely you will not get your way, so focus your efforts on getting as much as you can. While negotiating, be sure to speak respectfully and not let pride interfere.


You will need to figure out how to balance your responsibilities with pleasure. Too much of either will serve to hinder you in achieving your goals. With the right balance, you will be able to seize opportunities that come your way.


There are people in your life you have yet to truly forgive. Sometimes we feel that people do not deserve it, and sometimes they don't, but we tend to ignore the fact that holding grudges can be detrimental to our own spirit. Come to terms with events that have happened and understand that your future will be different.


You must be very wary of lust this week. Your desires stem from your wish to let others feel loved. However, you must ensure that your intentions are never selfish and you act in the best interest of those you care for.


You will feel the need to take rest. Letting this feeling accumulate can lead up to one big crash which will mess up the flow for the rest of your responsibilities. Instead, give yourself small, planned breaks throughout the day to let your mind recharge.


Loneliness may get the best of you this week. Try to reconnect with family and especially try to reap as much knowledge as you can from the experience of your elders. You will find that great intellectual growth awaits you.


Each day of the week will hold a hidden message for you. After each day passes, take the time to reflect. The information you receive from this week will greatly benefit you for the weeks yet to come.


Show more attention to the people in your life you may have been ignoring. They will appreciate you greatly and you will see your overall mood begin to lift. These relationships will also serve to bring you positive energies in the future when you need them most.