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Weekly Horoscope

May 20 - May 26


You have been thinking about a bold idea these last few weeks and now is a good time to tell friends about it. Don't get too obsessive about it though. Often, people may be put off by your intensity. Tone it down and take a more relaxed approach - others will find you much more approachable this way.


Don't take anything you hear this week at face value. You will have many opportunities coming up. Make sure you listen carefully and don't make commitments too quickly. Do your research and speak up if you think there are flaws in any of the proposed plans.


Lay low this week - you've felt like you needed a break for some time. This would be a good week to complete unfinished tasks around the house. Spend some time with your phone and technology off to put your mind at ease. A good book and a cup of tea could be the perfect remedy.


You have been feeling invincible lately, as though you can do anything. Enjoy this unfamiliar energy this week. Be careful though and do not get too full of yourself. Stay humble - this feeling won't last forever.


You sometimes can be forceful in the way you talk about things. Even though you think you are being casual, be aware of your audience. If you want people to listen, be empathetic and give them space to make their own decisions. You are passionate and assertive, but be careful as that sometimes translates into aggression.


Tension may seem to be rising at home this week. Be careful and aware of others' feelings when making decisions. You may see that there is only one way, but hear other opinions first before making up your mind. Make sure you explain your views as well and speak your mind.


Money has been on your mind lately and you have been very anxious. Don't spend so much energy on just thinking about your financial affairs. Now is the time to take action and sort out neglected bills. It isn't fun but it will help in the long run.


News is coming in the coming weeks that will be a reason for celebration! Your hard work is finally paying off - it's been a long time coming. Although, don't be surprised if there is a delay. All you can do now is be patient.


An old friend may contact you out of the blue. Even though you have fallen out of touch, it may be beneficial to meet up and reconnect. If you've had conflict in the past, now is the time to address it. Talk about your differences, clear the air - it's time to move on.


There has been a lot of tension in the air the last few weeks. It isn't only affecting your personal life, but everything seems a little out of order lately. Spend this week in solitude if possible. Focus on your positive energy and avoid the negative energy from your peers.


You could be ready to book a vacation or take a short break. You've been feeling like you need some time to unwind as pressure has been high this week. Don't worry if things don't go as planned. Remember that things will unfold as they are meant to - do not force things to happen.


You have had the desire to spruce up your home lately. Do a thorough cleaning of your home first. Make sure you do all your repairs as well. Your foundation must be clean and set before going to the fun stuff, like decorating.