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Weekly Horoscope

July 3 - July 9


You will find yourself attracted to the dark and shadowed sides of a situation this week. Consider why you are trying to side with an unpopular opinion or decision rather than submit to it. Your taste for adventure might be leading you down an unknown path which could be exciting but it could also spell trouble. Channel energy into discovering the source of your thoughts and emotions and you might find more clarity on the situation.


Be conscious of who you surround yourself with this week and in the coming months. You are easily flattered and those with not so good intentions might know exactly what to say to you in order to get you to lower your guard. Your pride is often your downfall in important life moments so try to exercise humility and restraint. Do not delude yourself into believing commendations from those who do not care about you and try to humbly accept constructive criticism from your loved ones.


You might be in the mood to entertain and socialize at home this week rather than venture out into the world. Invite your family and friends over for a fresh burst of loving energy at home. This week is ideal to get your creativity flowing and your loved ones might be the best people to experiment with new recipes or ideas. Try to channel your adventurous spirit into your professional life as well and successful solutions might surprise you.


Focus on your budget this week and rethink any large financial investments you are planning to make. You have been working hard for a long time now and you might be tempted to reward yourself in a grand manner. This week is not the right week to do so. Take a step back because the right time will indeed come. Be patient. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded and you will get to enjoy your earnings soon enough.


Your confidence and sociability is going to be at its strongest this week. You will feel like you can conquer anything and the fact of the matter is that you can. Use the energy of this week to go after long standing projects and goals which might have been deprioritized because of their slow progression. You will be able to inject new life and energy into anything that was once considered a lost cause. This week will bring you plenty of luck from the universe and from within yourself.


There might be someone in your life who you can't seem to let go of. Through many trials and tribulations its seems you always find a way back to each other. Perhaps it is time to have a serious conversation with this person to understand the source of your discord and acknowledge that separating does not seem to be an option for you both. Aim for personal growth this week and try to take steps to improve yourself and your relationships.


This week is all about having challenging and uncomfortable conversations about things you have put off for too long. The channels of communication are ripe with the energy of the stars clearing a path for you to articulate how you feel and what you think. Take advantage of this path that has been provided to seek out answers and solutions to long standing problems or worries. You will find solace and happiness at the end of this path and this long and emotionally challenging week.


You will experience a lot of personal transformations in the coming weeks and even months. The path of growth can often be unpleasant and painful but the rewards at the end could be just what you need to live a happier and fuller life. Nothing wonderful can be achieved so easily as the universe asks for your help and determination to deliver it. Take time for yourself when you need it and keep an open mind to the changes headed your way.


Have you been feeling conflicted about the goals and aspirations you have had for a while now? Who or what might be influencing your doubts this week? Take time to consider whether you are letting yourself easily be swayed from your path rather than push forward. You are blessed by the universe and the achievements you seek will be granted to you. Do not get distracted by the many who will claim you are aiming for the wrong outcome.


It is time to stop interfering in the lives of your friends and family. Often times it is not your fault and you tend to get pulled into external family and friend situations. But consider that you willingly allow yourself to get tangled up in the mess of others and then often feel obligated to resolve them. It is ok to ignore action and just listen. While you might feel guilt or even the resentment of others for a while, they will eventually understand.


It might be time to upgrade yourself and the people around you. Do some spring cleaning with your relationships and evaluate who is good for you and who might be weighing you down. Loyalty is important to you but make sure that loyalty doesn't come at the expense of your own personal growth. It is time to let go of people and things that no longer serve as positive forces in your life.


You have finally launched a new venture that has been years in the making. The stars are showering there blessings down on you as congratulations and support. You will achieve great things moving forward and new and wonderful options are about to open up to you. Enjoy every moment of success and hold on to your family and friends for emotional support and happiness.