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Weekly Horoscope

August 19 - August 25


You often have difficulty speaking your truth. As you suppress your emotions you slowly start to lose your peace. Practice expressing your thoughts and true feelings this week.


Anger, when uncontrolled, can lead to pain and regret. You have a strong personality and an unbending character. You will not lose your pride if you exercise patience and compassion.


Live looking towards the future and not regretting the past. What is done cannot be undone. You can only move forward and strive for better outcomes.


What started as a source of joy and excitement now feels stressful and exhausting. Don't lose your motivation just yet. Wonderful things are coming and happiness is yours to gain.


Be more accepting of the suggestions those around you give. Even if you do not agree, you may find that there are some unexpected things to be gained.


Anxiety or excitement can be your downfall this week. Take time to live in the present moment and not get stuck in what's to come.


You will feel your judgement begin to cloud. Now is a time to call on loved ones for their support. You will need to make sure that your current path is the one you know you should be on.


Take the week to remind those you love that you love them. The smallest things can greatly reinforce a relationship and be an important factor in moving forward in life.


Approach your current conflicts in an extremely logistical manner. There is danger of things taking a turn for the worse if a decision is made based on strong emotion.


Make sure that you are positive what your goals are. Take the time to ensure that you believe what you are striving for is actually worthwhile. Reassuring yourself, or finding a new goal will affect your life for the better.


Start focusing on optimizing the things you are already doing. Think of how to do everything faster and smarter. This will give you free time that builds up and will allow you to focus on taking the next steps in life.


Take time out of the day to just be alone and nurture your relationship with yourself. You may feel like this is a waste of time, but it will serve to strengthen you and will greatly help you face and problems that are to come.