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Weekly Horoscope

August 7 - August 13


What is entertaining to others may hold absolutely no interest to you and you might feel like you have to play along for the sake of fitting in. You are allowed to have your own opinions and interests and while once in awhile you can oblige your friends by participating in their hobbies you are not required to commit to them. Try introducing new adventures and experiences to others and you may find they share similar traits.


Big life changes are on their way and with it comes growth, maturity and new experiences. You are going to be embarking on a new journey and your mind, body and soul will all transform for the better. Use this opportunity to change for the better and bring new and positive habits into your everyday life. You will also have the ability to change the lives of those around you.


Someone you love has been struggling and suffering in silence and this week you might be one of the only people they open up too. It takes immense trust to be vulnerable to someone so do not take this person's faith in you lightly. You are a beacon of hope, faith and acceptance and you have the power to do tremendous good this week.


There are many reasons for you to want out of a commitment or obligation. Nothing about your responsibilities makes you happy or motivated and everything might start to feel like a chore. Try to explore why you are having such negative feelings and whether there is something in particular that is triggering them. You will find peace and happiness


You might be worrying about finances more than usual this month. Do not worry too much as the stars of fortune are shining down on you and any money you invest or spend will return to you soon enough. You are lucky with wealth and success and even when it may seem as though you have run out of resources the universe will magically fill up your cup again.


Responsibilities can sometimes seem like too heavy a burden to bear but with time you will realize that everyone has a part to play and sharing the struggles will lead to even greater rewards. Remember to support your family and in turn your family will support you not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Believe in the power of your abilities and face challenges with courage and strength.


You might be feeling misunderstood lately by your friends and family. Certain situations have caused you to pick sides but only you know your true motivations behind them. You don't often like to share your feelings but in this case it might be best to open up and express your thoughts and emotions. You might find those who don't understand you now will understand you after listening.


There may be some turmoil in your heart and it's a result of some unfinished business you have with a loved one from your past. Did you end a longtime friendship on bad terms? Were you at fault? In the heat of the moment it is easy to ignore your faults and put the blame of the opposing party. If this was someone you truly cared about then take time to reflect and reach out to make amends.


The stars have always felt a bit mischievous when shaping your path and journey. You are blessed by the universe and so the challenges that come in your way are only to help you understand and appreciate the wonderful things that are in store for you. Be patient and think back to all the things you wanted and how you have received them. This time will be no different and what your heart desires will be presented to you.


You are going to feel a burst of happy and positive energy and this high will make you want to travel and explore new places. Grab a friend who shares similar interests as you and take a trip somewhere exciting. You need to learn to balance hard work with some fun and play. Take your much deserved break and chase some adventure.


You might be doubting your choices as of late and its resulting from the influence of someone very close to you. Though their intentions may be noble, they are not doing you any favors by furthering your confusion. Step away and take time to think in silence without another voice whispering in your ear.


You have much to be grateful for and fortune is smiling down on you as always. You have always had an abundance of love in your life and a little more is coming your way. This new love is going to transform your life and change everything you thought you knew about relationships. Welcome it with open arms.