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Weekly Horoscope

November 28 - December 4


You will feel inclined to be more confrontational and rebellious this week. This will prove to give very mixed results. Ensure that when engaging someone, especially a superior, you keep a cool head and do not act solely on emotion.


Your work ethic will be key in ensuring your week plays out smoothly. If you fulfill your responsibilities very quickly with your whole effort, there is a great chance that something happily unexpected will emerge in the free time you've created for yourself. However, if they let these responsibilities pile up, you may lose a great opportunity.


Your mind will begin to drift to the topic of money. Greed and envy have the potential to take over your being. However, your innate willpower has an even greater potential to overcome them. When thoughts regarding finances arise, ensure that your motivations are not selfish.


You may become so caught up in the day's events that you forget about your health. Take the opportunity to address all your issues for a better quality of life in the long run. Taking care of yourself is not only important for you, but also for those who love and depend on you.


Don't be afraid to let your true feelings known. Effective communication will be key if you want to move certain aspects in your life in better directions. You have the ability to make some major changes, embrace the opportunity.


It may seem like nothing is going your way, but don't lose hope. You will find a lot of things falling in place as long as you keep an open mind. Everything will start making sense as things fall into place.


You may be feeling clustered and suffocated. Take the opportunity to travel or take a personal day to do something for yourself. You will find yourself feeling refreshed and ready to take on new tasks.


Don't get caught up in petty issues. You will start to feel them wearing you down. Learn to view life from someone else's shoes and you may find yourself making a lot of new friends.


You will feel that you are taking things more lightly this week. The troubles of the world will seem less bothersome. Use this to your advantage by taking this time to meditate and experience great spiritual growth.


In this age of technology, it is easy to get caught up in our screens and devices. Try to limit your usage and you will notice a great boost in productivity. This week has the potential to greatly harm your workflow, so ensure that you stay on top of your responsibilities.


You will find yourself seeking new inspirations. You have the creativity and passion within you just waiting to be pulled out. Rather than searching outwards, try looking within yourself.


You will find yourself in a conflict with someone who is unwilling to back down. This will be a time to put aside your ego and compromise as much as you can. Making even the smallest gesture of understanding and care will serve to enhance your relationship greatly.