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Weekly Horoscope

May 15 - May 21


You will feel a burst of confidence and motivation this week and this energy will carry over into the coming weeks as well. Use this time to get your creative juices flowing and brainstorm new ideas and ventures you can participate in. The positive atmosphere will also lead you to meeting new and exciting people and exploring new places. This is a wonderful time to travel and the universe sends adventure your way.


You will have some big life events this year and they will transform you for the better. Whether you grow from past mistakes, accept outcomes or open up to new ideas you will find personal growth. Reach out to family this week and include them in your journey as much as possible. As you transform you will bring happiness and joy to those around you.


Lately you have been feeling extreme emotions and might feel like you have lost control of them. This month you will find stability and strength after overcoming difficulties and have more confidence moving forward. Keep on the path to improvement and take time to meditate and relax. Explore a new environment and you may find a peaceful retreat.


Look for happiness and beauty in the simple things and if you struggle to find any then look within yourself to identity any turmoil you might be experiencing. This year will hold many changes and new relationships for you. How you perceive these changes will entirely depend on your inner state. You can find positive in almost anything if you first find some peace.


This year you will experience a shift in values and find yourself slowly adopting approaches you never believed in. Progress is made when the mind is open and the heart is compassionate. Your matter-of-fact approach towards life will slowly start to include feelings and faith. Embrace the change you are experiencing as there is more love coming your way.


You have always been confident in your appearance and public persona but make sure confidence doesn't change into vanity. Beauty can be found in all things and by looking down on those who don't meet your standards of appeal you might be transforming your inner state negatively. Exercise compassion for those who might not have much faith in themselves. You have the ability to encourage others to improve their lives by accepting themselves and building their own confidence.


You are going to find that making decisions and choosing directions will come easy to you this week. Your practical skills will be enhanced by the energy of confidence and conviction. Use this positive burst to make strides on a project you have been working and finish any pending proposals. You will find yourself accomplishing many things swiftly this week.


You will be feeling creative this week and will find innovative solutions for some long-standing problems. You will find others agreeing with you quite easily and looking to you for guidance. Take advantage of this energy to push forward on an idea you weren't able to communicate before. Surprisingly, you will find you weren't alone with ideas and someone might be able to contribute to yours.


When it matters most you are always supportive, present, and kind to the ones you love. You have a habit of disappearing from time to time as restlessness and boredom overcome you quickly if you are in one place for too long. Your absence at times overshadows all the good you do for the people around you. Constantly wandering is part of who you are and this will never change but try to make more of an effort to attend events that might seem trivial to you but important to the ones you love.


You are someone who people always turn to for advice and encouragement. Lately though, you might be overdoing it and preaching grandly about principles that are easier said than done. You have also been struggling to stick to your own advice and it shows. Try to tone down your advice encouragement to more realistic thoughts. Besides no one can be perfect anyways.


You will find a renewed sense of self-confidence and others will find themselves attracted to you. This week you will be able to communicate easily and impress those who might not have noticed you before. Enjoy the attention and admiration of others but more importantly enjoy your own positive energy towards yourself. This is also a great week to start a new health and wellness routine.


The past few months have been passing slowly for you and you might have been growing frustrated with the pace of a project you have been working on for quite some time. This month you will see large movements of progress and suddenly a speed up of events. The time has finally come for you to be able to enjoy the success of new beginnings. Keep moving forward as the universe is on your side and is adding more wind to your sails.