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Weekly Horoscope

April 22 - April 28


There is something burdening you. Confide in close family or friends and ask for help. You will find peace being around those close to you. Things will change for the better soon.


The coming week is going to bring new experiences. Travel to a new environment and meet new people. Have fun and donít let anything worry you this week. Spend time with close friends and you will have a memorable and happy weekend.


Focus on your health and get active. Make healthy lifestyle changes and find someone to join you. Spend time exercising your legs and arms. Physical and mental health will improve this year.


Your social life will flourish soon. Schedule exciting activities and make plans in the coming months. Explore your surroundings and you will find something new. Take some time to bring happiness to those around you.


Be patient and you will achieve all you desire. Success and happiness will find their way to you very soon. Taking risks will result in surprising rewards. Expect the unexpected and wonderful news.


Avoid making excuses for those you love. It is time to face realities and having honest conversations. The time has come to have an open conversation. Face your challenges and you will overcome them.


Study or read something new this week. Exercise your mind to ensure you stay alert and engaged. Your creative side is going to come out in full force. New ideas and creations are in store.


Major life decisions are on your mind this week. Change isnít always good so make decisions carefully. Don't let insecurities or unhappiness influence your choices. Reach out to those you have distanced yourself from for advice.


Adventure and wonderful new experiences are on their way. Book a trip with family or close friends. New romantic experiences are in store as well. Be positive and kind and good things will come.


You have much to be grateful for and this week take time to appreciate everything around you. Focus on your core and breathing making sure your lungs get fresh air. There is favorable energy surrounding your endeavors. Appreciate what you have and make goals for the future.


Be aware of your surroundings this week. There may be some confusion with future plans. Take some time to observe before making any decisions. Think about the pros and cons of any major choices and then act.


Spending time exercising your mind and body this week. Meditation and reading will lead to a clearer and healthier mindset. If you have been having negative thoughts they will soon go away. Stay focused on keeping your mind clear and busy and soon you will find a solution.