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Weekly Horoscope

October 2 - October 8


There will be a lot for you to do this week as loose ends demand your attention. You may have pending projects or goals that you have yet to complete and this week will be the week for you to focus on them and make progress. Don't let distractions lead you astray from fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities. With the right attitude and determination you will successfully complete your tasks.


There will soon be a major shift in your life and a new phase will begin that will lead you towards new experiences that are normally out of your comfort zone. Take a chance and try something new and you might find a new hobby or interest you never expected to have. Being flexible and open minded will also prove to be rewarding in your personal relationships. Those close to you will be grateful and happy to see this new side of you.


You might find yourself caught between the two sides; both of which you love dearly. Showing your support doesn't always require choosing one over the other. You can stay neutral and firm while reinforcing your special bond. When you are approached with a conflict try to simply listen and empathize without inserting your own opinion.


In many ways you have become the leader of your family and friends recently. You might find it surprising that everyone is depending on you for guidance and advice these days and you may hesitate to provide it. Do not doubt yourself or your abilities to understand and consult with wisdom and knowledge. You have more to offer than you think and the good energy you will accumulate by doing so will bring great reward.


You have been feeling overwhelmed and unable to process all the love and affection you may be receiving this week. Try to look within to see why you are unable to enjoy the moments of happiness. Do you feel guilty or like you don't deserve it? Were you not expecting to be taken care of in such a way? Try to enjoy all the happiness that is unfolding for you. While you think showing restraint in your reactions is humbleness your pure unfiltered happiness is what your loved ones prefer.


It is time to finally face the truth you have been avoiding for quite a while now. This week you will find yourself surrounded by family and friends you haven't seen in a while. Catch up conversations and inquiries will eventually lead you to realize how elaborate of a story you are creating in order to avoid one simple truth. Facing the most difficult and embarrassing truths can be hard but you will feel a weight lifted after you decide to accept reality for what it is.


Good news is on its way to you this week and in order to prepare for it make sure you release any negative or hopeless energy that has been lingering from past disappointments. You have been working hard towards a goal and finally you will see the first step towards success. Capitalize on this good energy and use it to motivate and encourage you further.


You are used to having your close friends and family tolerate your mood swings and aggressive behavior. This week you will meet someone new who will call you out on your behavior since they are not accustomed to your nature. It is a good week to reflect on yourself. Even though your loved ones tolerate you maybe some inner change might be good for you and those around you.


You often doubt your ability to be charming, charismatic and attractive. You have always been free spirit but when forced into a structured environment you tend to get caught up in the same insecurities as everyone else. Take this week to reflect on yourself and reconfigure your emotions so that your confidence and self worth is restored to its full potential. You are admired by many and you should confidently carry yourself to reflect that.


You are used to working alone or taking the lead on a project and completing everything yourself. This is a good week to practice letting go of control and relying on the abilities and talents of others. You might think noone is capable of doing what you do; but how will you know unless you give them a chance? Use this week to practice trusting in others and their abilities.


This week a sudden surge of confidence will hit you and you will think yourself invincible and above all else. Be careful not to make any rash decisions under the influence of this powerful emotion. You have a right to be confident but confidence should never compromise your ability to make level headed decisions. Think twice before finalizing any pending agreements or making promises.


This is going to be a big week for you and you will feel the full force of love and admiration you have accumulated throughout the years. A great achievement is on its way and the new people who have recently entered your life will be a part of welcoming this new wave of success for you. This week is a week to indulge and enjoy and celebrate. Next week make sure to get right back to work as there is still much to be attained.