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Weekly Horoscope

January 16 - January 22


You will continue your search for what is new and different. Your self-confidence will be reinforced, but beware of over-confidence. Be assertive and exercise your leadership powers, but don't be foolhardy. Gain a whole new understanding of who you really are.


There's no need to be so hard on yourself. You have made your choices based on the best information you had. Life is meant to be an experiment; sometimes you win sometimes you don't. But the important thing is that you always learn, and move on.


Your adaptability is your strongest asset. Whatever decision you take, you will find a way to make it work. But don't rush into new decisions without following through on old ones. Use your charm and amazing sense of humor to win hearts.


Materialism and professional success is not what defines you. See yourself with your own eyes; ignore how the society sees you. Don't be afraid to depend on others when needed. It's ok to be vulnerable and insecure at times; find comfort in the love around you.


Everyone loves to have things go their way all the time. But you must let go once in a while and just go with the flow. Your friends love your generosity, and your enemies hate your charisma. Either way, you will always come out the winner because of your confidence.


Your problem-solving skills are at their best. Take advantage, but keep an eye on the bigger picture. It may not be necessary to solve everyone's problems. Keep the focus on what is really meaningful.


Don't fall prey to the negative feelings. Communicate honestly to find the right emotional balance. Your love will be overflowing for the world at large. Channel it constructively to make this world a better place.


You may experience a draining of energy towards the end of the week. But you will continue to see what is not obvious to others. Don't let personal involvement cloud your judgement. Keep moving forward with a clear vision.


You will experience a sense of growth in your level of freedom. You will also find your level of tolerance increasing progressively. Your views are transforming based on experience, and it will feel invigorating. You will feel a burst of positive energy towards the end of the week.


Emotions may play a big role in determining what is important. Sometimes, progress may lie in moving past the traditions. Seeking spiritual purpose is important, but it requires operating in the material world. There is no need to deny yourself the material comforts on your spiritual journey.


This is the time to snap out of your neutrality, and take a stand. Emotional responses to societal issues will intensify. But you must channel them constructively to achieve results. Your ability to come up with original and innovative solutions is at peak.


You may feel strong emotional attachments towards those you want to help. But you must not lose yourself in the sufferings of others. You may not be able to alleviate their pain fully, and that's ok. Use the experience to keep inspiring yourself positively to keep doing what you can.