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Weekly Horoscope

November 18 - November 24


Patience and trust is the key. You have always relied on yourself and been self-sufficient. Allow someone else to do the driving sometimes. Who knows, you may actually be pleasantly surprised by the destination.


Have you opened any doors yet? Have you made any commitments? You may have closed a few doors last month but remember to then open new ones as well. It can be easy to close yourself off and continue on a path of isolation. Remember to find new doors and explore new paths.


Don't be afraid to make decisions. But don't be irresponsible either. Trust in yourself and make the change. It is ok to think with your heart as long as your mind is also evaluating the circumstance as well. You know how to adapt to wherever you land.


Self-care is as important as caring for others. You have always been kind and understanding of others but make sure to be kind and understanding of yourself too. Snap out of your pessimism and insecurity and don't be suspicious of every new person you meet. Embrace change and new connections.


Life has many things to offer, and they can be offered in surprising ways. We all have our own perceptions of what is right and better. Don't remain attached to only your way. You might miss out on some amazing rewards.


It is good to pay attention to detail, but avoid the fine line that could cross you over to being overly critical. No one is perfect, and perfection is overrated anyways. True beauty is in the differences and flaws. Remember to appreciate all that surrounds you and shapes you.


You may feel some loss of energy and somewhat emotionally drained. But your concern for others remains intact. Make sure to take some time to regain your energy and vitality. It's ok sometimes to just take a break and focus on yourself.


You will feel your energy and stamina increasing. Your mind will be filled with ideas, solutions, and innovations. Goals will become clearer and they are actually within reach. All you have to do is navigate your way towards them.


Your quest for improvement will lead you to new realizations. Your die-hard optimism will help you succeed. Only you know if your conscience is clear and if it is your path will only excel you. Optimism works in favor of those who have earned trust and good karma.


Nothing seems impossible this week and you have a strong sense of confidence and conviction. You know where you want to go and you know how to get there. Have faith in your journey and trust your direction. Focus and dedication are waiting to drive you.


No one said making dreams-come-true was easy. But the stars are on your side; so whose side are you on? It is easy to talk yourself out of a goal or ambition and get discouraged. If all else fails, your sense of humor should get you through.


Don't let emotions and moodiness distract you from appreciating your own worthiness. Life has its challenges, but what makes the difference is your attitude towards it. When everything feels hopeless only you can bring back hope and optimism. There is still a long road ahead so be sure to choose the right mindset.