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Harmonizing Ceres’ Energy

Ceres was not one of the seven ancient planets and thus, there are no real traditional remedies like gemstones to relate to her archetype. However, some claim that there are still ways to enhance the energy of Ceres (and the earth goddess) through performing outdoor activities and having a plant-based diet.

The mythical Ceres

Ceres (“Demeter” in the Greek stories) was a Roman goddess widely associated with the art of agriculture. She is particularly linked with grain, as well as with the love a mother bears for her children. (This association comes from the story of how her daughter was snatched to the Underworld and was only allowed to be reunited with her mother during the springtime). Ceres was the daughter of Saturn and the sister of Jupiter, and was considered to be one of the most benevolent goddesses in the Roman lineup due to her daily involvement with human lives. The common expression “fit for Ceres” meant splendid.

She was known for her service to mankind, providing men and women with harvests and cultivating their soil for crops. She was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare corn and grain. She was also one of the only goddesses involved in the daily existence of common folks, and thus became known as a real nurturer of humanity.

In astrology

Ceres was the first asteroid ever discovered. She was spotted in 1801 and is the biggest body in the asteroid belt. Now, she is considered a dwarf planet. Ceres is thought to contain liquid ocean and is therefore a main target for extraterrestrial speculation and research. Because the asteroid is named after the goddess of harvest and fertility, Ceres represents nurturing and motherhood. Her other positive influences include parenting, gardening, and hard work.

However, when this planet is out of alignment, she is associated with grief, eating disorders, custody issues, low self-esteem, fear of abundance, possessiveness, excessive attachment, barrenness, and feelings of abandonment. She also causes a variety of nurturing difficulties, such as fertility problems, the inability to nurture others, or failing to receive nurturing yourself. This can manifest itself in feelings of rejection or, interestingly enough, food complexes. Apart from emotional nourishment, Ceres is also rules over cooking, food, and nutrition.

Harvesting Ceres in Nature

Because Ceres drew her strength from plants and flowers, communing with nature (whether this be spending time outside or eating a plant-based diet) is commonly associated with “harmonizing” her energy. This can be traced back once more to the ancient tale of Ceres and her daughter. In the spring, when she was reunited with her offspring, everything bloomed; in the winter her daughter was taken away, and nature withered away and died as Ceres mourned. Thus, being outdoors and taking advantage of Ceres’ bounty seen as a practical way to “harvest” Ceres’ gifts and use her joy to regain your own personal strength. 

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