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How Does Mercury Being in Retrograde Affect Change You’re Seeking in Your Life?

In ancient times, astrology was not just star gazing. The sky was a canvas of the gods, a way for men to perceive the decrees of the heavens. From the star of Bethlehem to the fatal ride of Icarus, the sky has always been deeply connected to humanity’s imagination, and has inspired countless stories throughout the ages.

Nowadays astrology may not be taken as seriously, but the alignment of the stars still provokes interesting questions about a person’s temperament, personality, and experiences. Though many people think their lives are not influenced by the sky, they are quick to associate certain planets with a number of experiences. One of the most influential of these planets is Mercury.

A not-so-harmless planet

When changes in areas of your life are taking too long to manifest and lead you to frustration and confusion as to why, the blame can always be placed on Mercury’s retrograde. When this little planet reverses its course in the sky, it is associated with poorly planned dates, overspending, and bad work purchases.

During this time, it may be wise to avoid starting anything new, and instead spend some time doing reassessment—thus mimicking the way Mercury retraces its own movements. In 2016, Mercury’s retrograde will allegedly occur 4 times, totaling about 80 days. That is a lot of life re-evaluation!

In addition to impacting changes you want to make in your life, Mercury is associated with ruling all kinds of communication, including speaking, listening, reading, learning, editing, researching, selling, negotiating, buying, and selling.

It also can rule formal agreements, written contracts, and important documents, such as book manuscripts, term papers, deeds, wills, leases, and so on. This planet’s domain even includes all types of code, such as computer codes, and transportation, shipping, and travel. Thus, for some people when Mercury retrogrades, these areas tend to spin out of control.

The real significance of Mercury

It is interesting to consider the massive influence Mercury’s path has had on our culture. This is because such “star tales” go beyond mere children’s fables. Before writing was common, humanity looked to the heavens to tell stories, and though sometimes cloaked in humor and exaggeration, these tales strike universal chords of struggle, perseverance, and adversity. 

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