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Transference Of Other People’s Energy Through Objects

We all love a good bargain and if you are reading this then you probably have a second-hand item in your house or you have bought one in previous years. The thing we do not always realize is that we as human beings carry energy around us and everything we do is influenced by this aura of power. So when we sell an object or if we buy an object that belonged to someone else, it is possible that the energy of the owner goes along with the object. This is especially important when it comes to negative energies in one’s house.

There might have been an object that you bought and immediately wanted to take back to where you got it from. You may have experienced some inexplicable force behind it that made you dislike the item completely even though you loved it when you bought it. This is because there might be a negative energy attached to the object that is not gelling with the positive atmosphere you have created in your own home. This type of energy may leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own surroundings, and now you know why.

Energy we give off does not only sit in on objects, but it is also present in buildings. Have you ever walked into a building where you feel a heaviness in the air and an unfathomable shrivel down your spine? This is not because of a ghost lurking in a corner, waiting to attack you. It is because of the negative energy that manifested itself in the building after its previous inhabitants left. Just as this happens in a building or on a property, so it happens with objects too. There are many different types of objects that are prone to the adoption of negative energy.

Flea Market Items

When shopping at a flea market, you never know where your items came from and these are very prone to adopting negative energy. Those items have been handled by many different hands with many different types of energy. Negative energy is the leftovers of feelings such as anger, irritation, jealousy, and fear. Because so many people walk through flea markets, the objects there are easy targets for negative energy to manifest itself and make its way into your home.

Inherited Items

Sometimes our very own personal items can become prone to negative energy, either from our own personas or from family members before us. Inherited pieces have come down a long line of generations and even though they share your blood, you still don’t know where it came from.

There are many ways in which you can get rid of negative energy in your house. You can start by opening the windows to the rooms for a few minutes every day to remove the stagnant energies that accumulated over the years.

If you feel like there is a negative energy or aura that you can’t get rid of and need help we can help you understand the feelings you’re experience.  

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