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Dream Themes – Dreaming About Bad Experiences

We have all experienced those horrible nights where we wake up covered in sweat with our hearts racing impossibly fast. These are the nights you are too scared to go to bed in fear of reliving the same nightmare. Dreaming about bad experiences often boil down to a very simple and logical explanation. It might be because of high stress levels, change in diet, or even taking new medication. However, nightmares are more than just coincidental and there are many reasons behind the dreams about bad experiences. Here are a few common bad dreams and what they could mean for you.

Natural disasters

Many people all over the world often have dreams, and even recurring dreams about natural disasters. If you have ever experienced this dream you will be able to recognize the paralysing fear that creeps up after being caught in a dreamy hurricane, tornado, or flood. This type of nightmare often refers to some repressed sense of fear or anxiety. Because weather is an element that cannot be controlled, it is evident in these dreams that you feel like you are losing control over your daily activities and you fear the worst for a situation. This can be anything from a doctor’s appointment to a major presentation at work.

Seeing the dead

If you have recently lost a loved one, the chances are big that you have been dreaming about the person who passed away. This may seem scary and frightening, but the reason behind it is fairly simple. You are having a hard time letting go of the person you have lost, which is a totally understandable human emotion. Furthermore, you yourself may be scared of death and the unknown abyss that awaits us after we part from this life into the next.

Missing important events

We have all had a dream the night before something important where we dream we miss it completely. Whether it is a bus trip, an exam, or an important meeting, it truly is a horrible feeling when we wake up in the middle of the night. These types of dreams usually occur when our lives are busy and fast-paced so that we do not always take note of the stress that comes with it. Instead, it creeps up on us at night in the form of this bad dream.

Being naked in public

This is a very common dream experienced by many people. Finding yourself naked in a public place is basically social suicide. The explanation is an easy one: you may be on the brink of a life-changing decision and you are scared of what others might think of you. People who dream this often experience issues of low self-esteem.


Another common dream is that of falling off a high building. It shows the underlying fear you have of not being in control of your life and the anxiety that goes along with it. This dream occurs to people who are in a high positon of responsibility and can be very unsettling at night.

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