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The Stars Say ‘I do’: Astrology and Choosing a Day to Get Married

 Did you know that getting married with Saturn in Libra may be a wise choice for a long and successful marriage? Or that Taurus, along with Libra, is associated with Venus? Though some scoff at the idea of their fates being aligned with the stars, others are brought to careful consideration when it comes to the sky and how it might look on their wedding day.

Of course, the alignment of some planets or stars is not a 100% guarantee for a happy marriage. Nevertheless, there is just something mystically romantic about saying you got married beneath the gaze of the goddess of love. If you want to add the ultimate romance to that special day, here are a few things to look for if you want to be wed under a “lucky star”:

·         Avoid retrogrades. They say that when Venus, Mercury, and Mars are directly aligned, it works out better for lovebirds looking to tie the knot. Mercury’s retrograde is particularly infamous for causing trouble, spoiling plans, and inflicting undue stress on common situations.

·         Check the condition of Venus. It’s a great idea to have Venus placed as a “ruler.” After all, she is the goddess of love, and the best times include when she is in her own signs (Libra or Taurus) or in her sign of exaltation (Pisces). Astrology buffs might also advise you to avoid Venus in Aries and in Scorpio, since these are signs of detriment, as well as in Virgo, as this is allegedly a sign of Venus in Fall.

·         Check the condition of the moon. A waxing moon (from new to full) is typically associated with partnerships and therefore increased chances of a happier marriage. The moon is strongest in Taurus and Cancer, as well as in Libra.

·         Sensitive degrees. Very particular stargazers will even go so far as to avoid planets that are certain degrees away from other bodies. Some avoid planets 0 to 29 degrees of a sign, especially personal planets like the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars. That’s because these “degrees” are said to have an air of instability.

·         Choose a good time. Some like to schedule their wedding in alignment with Ascendants, which are bodies associated with longevity and/or stability. These include Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio.

If you want to make sure the “stars are aligned” on your lucky day, be sure to reach out to our team for a consultation.  

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Positive Effects of Astrology

India has been home to many ancient sciences and one of them is Astrology. This science talks about planetary motions and also about the position of the planets with reference to place and time. Human beings are hugely affected by these planetary motions. Human beings are able to create their own unique characteristics and personalities on the basis of the planets’ placement at the time of the birth.

Affecting the way we think, behave, act, react and respond, each and every planet influences us. Thus, the planet plays a vital role in framing our personality, but as the planets’ position changes, the effect of the same is felt by us in our lives. The position of every planet can have negative or positive influences on us. Astrology helps us in making the optimal use of these positive effects while helping to avoid the negative impacts due to the planetary positions. Depending on our Natal Chart, these planets may have an impact on our lives that keeps on changing day by day as per change in the position of the planets. Horoscopes can be yearly or monthly, weekly or daily according to the planetary position effects while at the same time, our identities are determined on the basis of planetary placement at the birth time.

Since, Astrology is a science, it offers correct predictions most of the time and the same is dependent on several factors and their combinations. When a person is facing grave problems and is highly depressed, astrology offers him answers to his questions. Many times, even if the answers are not encouraging, knowing them helps the person to deal with them. It must be understood, that astrology is a science of prediction and at times it may not offer clear answers. As we go on in our lives, we understand the predictions in a better way as the things get clear in front of us. There are different theories about this science and some people believe in this science explicitly and some are just curious. Many times, people wish to understand the recurring patterns in their life and the reason behind the same and visiting an astrologer helps a lot. They find answers to many questions that are otherwise left unanswered. Just speaking to a person other than our family members or friends have a lot of impact on our psyche. We are able to look at our problems objectively and find solutions in a more systematic and objective manner. Astrology also offers remedial measures in case of anything negative going on in the life. Most of the time, these measures are simple and doing them offer a great sense of relief and peace. One becomes optimistic in life and face the challenges with renewed energy and vigor. Astrology offers answers to questions related to love life, profession, career, studies, marital compatibilities and many more. Knowing answers to the queries help in making life smoother and easier. Astrology consultations may have a lot of positive impact in the lives of people who have a firm belief in this science.

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Harmonizing Ceres’ Energy

Ceres was not one of the seven ancient planets and thus, there are no real traditional remedies like gemstones to relate to her archetype. However, some claim that there are still ways to enhance the energy of Ceres (and the earth goddess) through performing outdoor activities and having a plant-based diet.

The mythical Ceres

Ceres (“Demeter” in the Greek stories) was a Roman goddess widely associated with the art of agriculture. She is particularly linked with grain, as well as with the love a mother bears for her children. (This association comes from the story of how her daughter was snatched to the Underworld and was only allowed to be reunited with her mother during the springtime). Ceres was the daughter of Saturn and the sister of Jupiter, and was considered to be one of the most benevolent goddesses in the Roman lineup due to her daily involvement with human lives. The common expression “fit for Ceres” meant splendid.

She was known for her service to mankind, providing men and women with harvests and cultivating their soil for crops. She was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare corn and grain. She was also one of the only goddesses involved in the daily existence of common folks, and thus became known as a real nurturer of humanity.

In astrology

Ceres was the first asteroid ever discovered. She was spotted in 1801 and is the biggest body in the asteroid belt. Now, she is considered a dwarf planet. Ceres is thought to contain liquid ocean and is therefore a main target for extraterrestrial speculation and research. Because the asteroid is named after the goddess of harvest and fertility, Ceres represents nurturing and motherhood. Her other positive influences include parenting, gardening, and hard work.

However, when this planet is out of alignment, she is associated with grief, eating disorders, custody issues, low self-esteem, fear of abundance, possessiveness, excessive attachment, barrenness, and feelings of abandonment. She also causes a variety of nurturing difficulties, such as fertility problems, the inability to nurture others, or failing to receive nurturing yourself. This can manifest itself in feelings of rejection or, interestingly enough, food complexes. Apart from emotional nourishment, Ceres is also rules over cooking, food, and nutrition.

Harvesting Ceres in Nature

Because Ceres drew her strength from plants and flowers, communing with nature (whether this be spending time outside or eating a plant-based diet) is commonly associated with “harmonizing” her energy. This can be traced back once more to the ancient tale of Ceres and her daughter. In the spring, when she was reunited with her offspring, everything bloomed; in the winter her daughter was taken away, and nature withered away and died as Ceres mourned. Thus, being outdoors and taking advantage of Ceres’ bounty seen as a practical way to “harvest” Ceres’ gifts and use her joy to regain your own personal strength. 

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Benefits of Numerology

The mystique and perfection of numbers and their relationship to each other have bewitched human beings since time immemorial. Ever since humans started applying the power of numbers to everyday life, the progress of mankind has been unstoppable. From astronomy to astrology, physics to the culinary arts, mathematical calculations are part and parcel of everyday life and almost every science and art. So it is no wonder that humans tried to find the significance between numbers and their own personalities, lives, and destinies. This is how numerology originated and evolved.

Many people use numerology for a variety of reasons. Believers in numerology will tell you several benefits of numerology. Chief of this is that numbers and luck are intertwined, which is why they modify their names or names of businesses, projects, etc., to get it aligned with the vibration a certain number that they consider is lucky for them. Believers also use numerology to choose a lucky name for a child. Numerologists often tie in numerology with astrology to find out the lucky numbers for a newborn. With these lucky numbers in hand, parents often select a name that adds up to the numerological lucky number to help their child reap the benefits of numerology in their own lives.

There are other benefits of numerology other than these which are:

1.       Numerology can give you deep insights into your own personality and underlying motives. Knowledge of the self is a great tool to take your destiny in your hands. A numerological analysis can give you in depth information about your talents, strengths, weaknesses, and the true or hidden desires of your soul. The expression number gives you an overview of your skills and talents.

2.       The benefits of numerology extend into the area of personal relationships as well. A numerological analysis can unveil compatibilities or lack of compatibilities between you and the significant people in your life, whether they are your friends, romantic partners, spouses, colleagues, or boss! With this numerological analysis in hand, you will be better equipped to make beneficial choices in relationships.

3.       One of the many benefits of numerology is that it can help you make use of opportunities when they arise by giving you the information beforehand. Numerological analysis can give you information about timings in your life that are favorable for romance or career advance. The life path number tells you about opportunities and challenges and the time frames in which to expect them. Knowing such information is like knowing when the sun will come out so you can make hay when the sun shines!

4.       Another benefit of numerology is that it can give you lucky numbers for new projects or businesses that you start, thereby giving you a much needed boost in life.

5.       Numerological analysis can give you a good idea of how your residential address, car number, phone number, and other important numbers relate to you and impact you, thereby giving you the opportunity to make changes for the better if needed.

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Dream Themes – Dreaming About Bad Experiences

We have all experienced those horrible nights where we wake up covered in sweat with our hearts racing impossibly fast. These are the nights you are too scared to go to bed in fear of reliving the same nightmare. Dreaming about bad experiences often boil down to a very simple and logical explanation. It might be because of high stress levels, change in diet, or even taking new medication. However, nightmares are more than just coincidental and there are many reasons behind the dreams about bad experiences. Here are a few common bad dreams and what they could mean for you.

Natural disasters

Many people all over the world often have dreams, and even recurring dreams about natural disasters. If you have ever experienced this dream you will be able to recognize the paralysing fear that creeps up after being caught in a dreamy hurricane, tornado, or flood. This type of nightmare often refers to some repressed sense of fear or anxiety. Because weather is an element that cannot be controlled, it is evident in these dreams that you feel like you are losing control over your daily activities and you fear the worst for a situation. This can be anything from a doctor’s appointment to a major presentation at work.

Seeing the dead

If you have recently lost a loved one, the chances are big that you have been dreaming about the person who passed away. This may seem scary and frightening, but the reason behind it is fairly simple. You are having a hard time letting go of the person you have lost, which is a totally understandable human emotion. Furthermore, you yourself may be scared of death and the unknown abyss that awaits us after we part from this life into the next.

Missing important events

We have all had a dream the night before something important where we dream we miss it completely. Whether it is a bus trip, an exam, or an important meeting, it truly is a horrible feeling when we wake up in the middle of the night. These types of dreams usually occur when our lives are busy and fast-paced so that we do not always take note of the stress that comes with it. Instead, it creeps up on us at night in the form of this bad dream.

Being naked in public

This is a very common dream experienced by many people. Finding yourself naked in a public place is basically social suicide. The explanation is an easy one: you may be on the brink of a life-changing decision and you are scared of what others might think of you. People who dream this often experience issues of low self-esteem.


Another common dream is that of falling off a high building. It shows the underlying fear you have of not being in control of your life and the anxiety that goes along with it. This dream occurs to people who are in a high positon of responsibility and can be very unsettling at night.

If you’re experiencing any of these and need help getting back on track, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team today for lifelong solutions to give you back your peace of mind 

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How Does Mercury Being in Retrograde Affect Change You’re Seeking in Your Life?

In ancient times, astrology was not just star gazing. The sky was a canvas of the gods, a way for men to perceive the decrees of the heavens. From the star of Bethlehem to the fatal ride of Icarus, the sky has always been deeply connected to humanity’s imagination, and has inspired countless stories throughout the ages.

Nowadays astrology may not be taken as seriously, but the alignment of the stars still provokes interesting questions about a person’s temperament, personality, and experiences. Though many people think their lives are not influenced by the sky, they are quick to associate certain planets with a number of experiences. One of the most influential of these planets is Mercury.

A not-so-harmless planet

When changes in areas of your life are taking too long to manifest and lead you to frustration and confusion as to why, the blame can always be placed on Mercury’s retrograde. When this little planet reverses its course in the sky, it is associated with poorly planned dates, overspending, and bad work purchases.

During this time, it may be wise to avoid starting anything new, and instead spend some time doing reassessment—thus mimicking the way Mercury retraces its own movements. In 2016, Mercury’s retrograde will allegedly occur 4 times, totaling about 80 days. That is a lot of life re-evaluation!

In addition to impacting changes you want to make in your life, Mercury is associated with ruling all kinds of communication, including speaking, listening, reading, learning, editing, researching, selling, negotiating, buying, and selling.

It also can rule formal agreements, written contracts, and important documents, such as book manuscripts, term papers, deeds, wills, leases, and so on. This planet’s domain even includes all types of code, such as computer codes, and transportation, shipping, and travel. Thus, for some people when Mercury retrogrades, these areas tend to spin out of control.

The real significance of Mercury

It is interesting to consider the massive influence Mercury’s path has had on our culture. This is because such “star tales” go beyond mere children’s fables. Before writing was common, humanity looked to the heavens to tell stories, and though sometimes cloaked in humor and exaggeration, these tales strike universal chords of struggle, perseverance, and adversity. 

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Transference Of Other People’s Energy Through Objects

We all love a good bargain and if you are reading this then you probably have a second-hand item in your house or you have bought one in previous years. The thing we do not always realize is that we as human beings carry energy around us and everything we do is influenced by this aura of power. So when we sell an object or if we buy an object that belonged to someone else, it is possible that the energy of the owner goes along with the object. This is especially important when it comes to negative energies in one’s house.

There might have been an object that you bought and immediately wanted to take back to where you got it from. You may have experienced some inexplicable force behind it that made you dislike the item completely even though you loved it when you bought it. This is because there might be a negative energy attached to the object that is not gelling with the positive atmosphere you have created in your own home. This type of energy may leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own surroundings, and now you know why.

Energy we give off does not only sit in on objects, but it is also present in buildings. Have you ever walked into a building where you feel a heaviness in the air and an unfathomable shrivel down your spine? This is not because of a ghost lurking in a corner, waiting to attack you. It is because of the negative energy that manifested itself in the building after its previous inhabitants left. Just as this happens in a building or on a property, so it happens with objects too. There are many different types of objects that are prone to the adoption of negative energy.

Flea Market Items

When shopping at a flea market, you never know where your items came from and these are very prone to adopting negative energy. Those items have been handled by many different hands with many different types of energy. Negative energy is the leftovers of feelings such as anger, irritation, jealousy, and fear. Because so many people walk through flea markets, the objects there are easy targets for negative energy to manifest itself and make its way into your home.

Inherited Items

Sometimes our very own personal items can become prone to negative energy, either from our own personas or from family members before us. Inherited pieces have come down a long line of generations and even though they share your blood, you still don’t know where it came from.

There are many ways in which you can get rid of negative energy in your house. You can start by opening the windows to the rooms for a few minutes every day to remove the stagnant energies that accumulated over the years.

If you feel like there is a negative energy or aura that you can’t get rid of and need help we can help you understand the feelings you’re experience.   Learn More »

Children & Astrology

1. What house in a person’s chart refers to their children?

-     Fifth House of the chart

2.     What if the 5th house is empty? Does that mean that the person won’t have children?

-        An empty house doesn’t mean you’ll never have a child. It just means that it might not be your priority in life. Mostly our energy and attention goes to the houses that have planets in them, especially any that have two or more. When a planet transits an empty house, then events tend to happen related to that house. 

3.     Can we tell if the parents would have one or more child ?

 -    Yes the 5th house of the chart helps us determine that.  

4.     Is there something parents  or family members can do to make sure their kids prosper in life and for their wellness?

Remedies for Kid’s wellness and prosperity

Santaan Gopal Stotram puja should be done

Ganesh ji’s puja should be done

You should feed half of your meal to the cows

Even if the child has health problems, feeding the cow should help  

Pour ‘JAL’ on peepal tree

The father should fast on Thursday for the longevity of the child’s life

The husband should respect his wife to see positivity in the child’s life

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Astrology explained

Astrology is an ancient established system for the study of relationship between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. It is believed that the positions of the planets at the time of a person's birth have a direct influence on that person's character, which reveals our past, present and future. Learn More »